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Funny gift Canned Sex 330 ml

Canned sex is a unique novelty in the world market. It can be a good gift for both girlfriend and girlfriend. And it is also suitable for first dating :)

  On personal experience, I checked the reaction, the emotions of people when they receive a gift of canned sex - laugh, rapture, interest, surprise.

  On the back of the can there is a place to fill the Adersat, as in a letter. For example, a girl can fill: from Angelina, to John. And send by mail :)


Create a romantic atmosphere. You can light a couple of candles in the candelabra.
Turn on the cassette with romantic music.
Open the bottle of your favorite wine, pour into the glass.
Gently open the jar and get a serving of sex. If necessary, use contraception, in other words Condom, which is in the bank.
After completing a portion of sex, go to the shower with a cheerful step and apply the sponge by the purpose.

Canned Sex contains:

- Condom 1 pcs
- Sponge 1 pcs

- Passion 25%
- Pleasure 25%
- Adventure 10%
- Love 10%
- Desire 10%
- Excitement 10%
- Tenderness 5%
- Madness 5%
- Hate 0%

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